Click of the Wrist – Summer Chills

If the hot summer weather has you languishing?and air conditioning, the pool, and a cold beer aren’t doing the trick?there’s relief in sight (site?). This week’s links take us for a cooling visit to the bottom of the planet: the world’s coldest continent, Antarctica.

Bus to Antarctica

Got the travelling bug? Explorer Andrew Evans travelled (mostly by bus!) to fulfil his dream of visiting Antarctica, and he chronicled it all at National Geographic. His fascinating account also contains videos, interviews, photographs, and an interactive map.

Travel Log

Battling the harsh conditions of Antarctica hasn’t always ended happily, however. In 1912, British explorer Capt. R.F. Scott’s expeditionary team perished from hunger and cold after a blizzard held the men snowbound for nine days. Scott’s original diary chronicling the group’s tragic end is available online through the British Library’s Virtual Books program.

Pretty Cool

Antarctica is cold?there’s no doubt about that. But in July 1983, the mercury plunged much lower than unusual, with frigid temperatures of -89.2°C (-129°F) recorded at Vostok Station, Antarctica. The reason behind the cold snap eluded scientists until recently. This article explains their discovery, and suggests why even colder temperatures may be in Antarctica’s future.

Happy Feet

Dancing penguins aren’t limited to animated movies or cute web graphics; the funny little birds really do have a spring in their step. One traveller shot and posted a video of a penguin dancing to its own beat.