Click of the Wrist – Off to the Beach

Ocean, sea, lake, or even river: the beach becomes a favourite, cooling destination as July wears on. This week’s links take us beachside for fun in the sun, sand, and water.


It’s always a dilemma: work on the tan, or stay sun-safe while outdoors? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s report on sun safety, ultraviolet light, and the role of the ozone layer just might sway your decision.

Castles in the Sand

Even adults can’t resist the artistic call of wet sand, a pail, and basic carving tools. But professional sand sculptors across the world take their craft very seriously?and produce incredible results. This blog post showcases some of their truly breathtaking work.

Beach Body

Got beach body envy? This series of exercises, designed by trainer Craig Ballantyne, is ideal for those who want to sculpt a better beach body in a short period of time.

Beach Scene

If you can’t physically visit the beach, a good film is your next best bet. Here, the Daily Telegraph has compiled a countdown list of the 50 best movie beach scenes. Break out the umbrella and shades, and enjoy.