Did You Know? – MIT OpenCourseWare

If You’re seeking supplementary material for your courses, familiarizing yourself with background subjects, or considering studying a new topic for personal enjoyment, you’ll be excited to learn about Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (?MIT?) OpenCourseWare initiative.

The donations-funded online resource, which is free and requires no registration, includes materials from two thousand courses previously taught at MIT. Course topics range from aeronautical engineering to music and theatre to women’s studies?and everything in between. New courses are constantly being added, and older courses are frequently updated to reflect new studies and information available.

Materials available depend on the course: there are lecture notes, online textbooks, image galleries, and audio and video lectures. Many of the courses also include assignments, quizzes, and exams along with solutions and sample answers for students who want to check their learning progress.

Students can access the courses online, or download the relevant files for offline use (video components must be downloaded separately).

You can’t earn credit for courses completed here; MIT OpenCourseware ?is not a credit-bearing or degree-granting initiative.? However, it is a fantastic resource for teachers, students, graduates, and all those with a love of learning.