Click of the Wrist – Scaring Ourselves To Death

Halloween’s the perfect time to get spooked, but scary books and films need not be limited to one day a year. What better opportunity to give yourself an additional good scare than a Friday the 13th weekend?

Read All About It

There exist countless lists of the top scary books, but this CNN article from several years back includes a good mix of old and new. From Stephen King to Edgar Allen Poe, there’s some frightening literature out there?if you’ve the stomach for it!

Scary Show

If you like a good scary film, one of Entertainment Weekly‘s top 20 ?Scariest Movies of All Time? is sure to please?or frighten. Although it misses some of the older classics, the list is still worth checking out.

The Original

If modern horror isn’t your style, consider immersing yourself in the granddaddy of all horror movies: German silent film Nosferatu. Long since passed into the public domain in many countries, this 1922 gem from F.W. Murnau is available online in its entirety.

In the Genes

Horror genre a little too much for you? Blame your ancestors. According to this article in the Daily Telegraph, behavioural research suggests there’s actually a gene that controls your reaction to the scary stuff.

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