Did You Know? – Student ID Cards

Choosing to learn by distance doesn’t mean you have to give up the opportunity to get student discounts at the movies, the bookstore, or the train station. According to the Student Calendar, every ?active Athabasca University student? is eligible to request a photo student identification card.

To apply, you need to mail or fax the appropriate form and have your photo taken at the Registrar’s Office or at the Edmonton or Calgary Learning Centre. But if distance or schedule makes this impossible, there are two other options. You can scan and email a passport-sized photo along with a scanned image of the front of your driver’s license (provided that the license includes your date of birth and current address). Alternatively, you can have a passport-sized photo signed by a guarantor. Further instructions can be found here.

Have a student ID card That’s out of date? don’t throw it away, as students are only eligible for one card. To keep the card current from year to year, active students may ?request a date sticker from the Office of the Registrar, AU Edmonton, or AU Calgary.?