Click of the Wrist – The Organizer

Early September means back to school for both kids and adults alike. But regardless of your student status, It’s also the ideal time to finally get organized enough so that you can stop merely catching up on life and instead start forging ahead on your dreams. This week’s links offer some tips on organizing various aspects of your life.

Your Desk

You know the feeling: despite your best organizational efforts, your desk is a disaster area. But according to this professional organizer and life coach, the problem may be in your approach. She suggests that there are two types of paper accumulators?and shows how people can organize successfully by working with their inclinations.

Your Academics

For distance students, new courses require an additional level of organization. These tips, from Yavapai College in Arizona, offer a plan both for students entering the world of online education and for long-time distance learning veterans.

Your Computer

Your computer’s files may be compactly packed into a little black (or white or grey) box, but if what’s stored inside is a disorganized mess, you’ll still waste time sorting through the junk to find what you want. To get it all sorted out, consider listening to this University of Wisconsin webinar, entitled ?How To Organize Your Digital Self? (available as an audio file).

Your Life

Whether You’re ready for a wholesale life makeover?or just hope to organize and simplify your life a little?you’ll find plenty of food for thought in this Zen Habits blog post.