Green Light – Earth-Friendly Thanksgiving

News, Tips, and Tricks for a Healthy Planet

Hoping to ?green? your Thanksgiving feast? Good news: you don’t need to make for the Tofurky aisle. A few simple tweaks to your meal, and you’ll be giving future generations an additional something for which to be thankful.

DIY: Made-from-scratch pies, gravies, stuffing, and sides not only use less packaging, they taste better?and they’re free of preservatives and additives.

Serve plenty of vegetables: Some have traditionally seen Thanksgiving as a harvest feast, and what better way to celebrate the harvest than by including a host of vegetable-based dishes, which leave a smaller carbon footprint than meat-focused entrees?

Save the leftovers: Unfortunately, many cooks, whether inadvertently or not, allow a lot of good food to go to waste after the main event. Remind yourself of safe food storage tips, and be sure to package and freeze the leftovers right away so they won’t sit around your fridge until they go bad. You’ll waste less food, and bonus: you’ll have ready-made, unprocessed meals in the freezer.

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