Click of the Wrist – On A Rainy Day

November has always seemed like an interminable bridge. The excitement of fall has worn off, a dank chill has permanently entered the air, and a gloomy atmosphere often seems to pervade the houses. To shake it off, this week’s links explore the beauty that even the most miserably cold and wet weather can bring.

Dark and Light

Rainy and stormy weather may seem like unpopular conditions for a photoshoot, but the possibilities are exciting for photography enthusiasts. Here, web design e-zine Smashing Magazine shares some of its favourite rain-inspired shots.

Paint the Sky

And the wet outdoors has always been equally inspiring for artists of the ink-or-brush variety. Gonzaga University’s student resource pages showcase images of some acclaimed artwork, including Impressionist Claude Pissarro’s rain-inspired Boulevard Montmartre: Rainy Weather, Afternoon.

Cold and Dark and Dreary

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s classic poem speaks to the dichotomy of November: the unpleasant weather is a reminder both of the dreariness of past disappointments and the sunshine of future hopes.

Singing in the Rain

When there’s hope in the air, who minds a little wet weather? Certainly not classic musical Singin? in the Rain‘s (1952) Don Lockwood (played by Gene Kelly). His song-and-dance routine in the film, performed during an onscreen downpour, makes light of the weather and is the perfect cheer-up after a gloomy day.