Click of the Wrist – Make Mine Cake

Need a reason to celebrate? Friday, November 26 is the loosely-designated National Cake Day, and this week’s links examine the popular dessert from all angles. Hungry yet? Grab your own favourite flavour of cake, and start clicking.

Not Your Ordinary Cake

Move over, boring birthday cakes. These masterpieces from a Russian cake decorator are less dessert and more art; as one commenter noted, they’re essentially ?edible sculptures.? From a big blue sneaker to a briefcase of cash, these creations really, er, take the cake.

Just Like the Pros

How do the professional cake decorators do it? Years of practice and mastery of techniques, of course. But don’t be discouraged, because even complete newbies can turn out some professional-looking work. Buddy from TLC’s TV show Cake Boss provides video tutorials that will guide you through a few cake decorating techniques that will amp up the cool factor of your own cakes and cupcakes.

Off to the Wedding

From Mardi Gras king cake to Christmas fruitcake and everything in between, there’s a unique cake for every cultural occasion. One of the cakes with the strangest history, though, must be the wedding cake. Surprised? The Smithsonian Magazine‘s food blog describes some of the strange?and downright inedible?historical origins of the wedding treat.

God of Cake

What happens when a gloriously delicious cake is temptingly dangled just out of the reach of a very resourceful four-year-old? This hysterically funny, autobiographical blog post from Hyperbole and a Half will have you holding your sides.

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