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The Christmas shopping season’s started, and the store aisles are teeming with gifts nestled into plastic packaging. Plastic packaging that will, unfortunately, be headed for landfills come December 26.

During the holidays, some waste is going to be inevitable. But this year, when we give gifts, let’s also think about bestowing a gift upon the future?and reduce the amount of plastic garbage we generate.

For example, gift cards, event tickets, certificates to massage therapists or other services?all have low environmental impact, but make fantastic Christmas gifts for family, friends, teachers, and the like. Homemade goodies and a bottle of wine is another winning choice.

For the more open-minded recipients on your Christmas lists (including kids!), eBay, Craigslist, and Freecycle offer ways to score nearly-new items without having to buy off the store shelves. Let creativity be your guide, and start shopping!