From Where I Sit – Loose Ends

It’s again time to use this space to wrap up loose ends; to bring you updates and closure; and to introduce teeny items that will never grow up to be full-blown, stand-alone columns.

One. Regular readers will remember that in September, I sent a $40 cheque to an American company to research a 1934 mining stock certificate that had belonged to my dad. I had hoped to find I was suddenly rich. As the intervening weeks piled up, I had all but given up on ever getting an answer and thought my $40 (and a potential fortune) was lost.

Well, the other day, Bob Kerstein, president of, sent me an email. It seems they researched the North West Minerals Ltd. certificate in the Financial Stock Guide Service, the Directory of Obsolete Securities, and/or in other resources. The Directory profiles companies whose original identities were lost due to change of name, merger, acquisition, dissolution, bankruptcy, or charter cancellation.

Kerstein went on to say that North West Minerals staked several claims in the Caldwell Bay area, which I see is located in the northwest corner of Saskatchewan. Apparently the work undertaken was not commercially viable, and the company ran out of working capital. The company’s charter was revoked before 1950 for unpaid taxes and fees and for failure to file annual reports. He went on to explain that because there is no evidence of merger, acquisition, or distribution to shareholders, the stock has no redeemable value. But I could check or Another dream dashed.

Two. After years of resisting and foot-dragging adoption of any advances in technology, I’m ready to cave and buy an iPhone 4. There are Androids out there that are slightly cheaper. But just this once I want what the cool kids have?while It’s still a cool thing to have. So rather than fighting the future and clinging desperately to paper and pencil, outdated address books, and scraps of paper with phone numbers on them, I intend to buy a smart phone and learn to use all (most) of its features. I could have lists on it or look up Edmonton addresses. The possibilities (and apps) are endless.

Not only that, but I also redeemed 2,350 air miles to order a Sony Reader Touch Edition that is en route to me as we speak. Yes, this consummate book lover is going high-tech. And in case you suspect that this behaviour is the result of a head injury, relax. It’s a classic case of ?If you can’t beat ?em, join ?em,? and I want to do it graciously. Somehow I drifted away from a long-ago vow to not become roadkill on the information highway. I’ll still own and love books, but I’ll add convenience and portability to the mix.

Three. My house continues to be a warehouse for Mardi Gras party decorations. Very soon, we’ll have a work bee to add handles to one thousand masks. I can reclaim my house after December 11, and maybe even get the Christmas tree up. Yeehaw.

This is just a partial list, from where I sit.

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