Happy Holidays from the Voice

Maybe It’s due to the White Christmas marathon That’s been playing on television lately, but I can’t get the classic Irving Berlin musical (or its theme song) out of my head. And no wonder: with catchy tunes, great dance numbers, and a heartwarming plot, the film’s the perfect way to de-stress amidst all the holiday hubbub. It’s also a wonderful reminder that It’s family, friends, generosity, and joy in the little things that truly create that seasonal spirit!

We have something extra to celebrate here: the end of another successful year at The Voice Magazine. This is our final issue of 2010, and we’ll be spending the week after Christmas enjoying fireside, family, and fun.

we’ll be back after New Year’s with our annual ?Best of the Voice? issue, where we’ll showcase some of our finest writing from 2010. ?Best of the Voice? will appear on January 7, 2011, and our first regularly scheduled issue of the new year will be published on January 14.

?May your days be merry and bright!? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Voice!

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