Click of the Wrist – A Year-long Adventure

Classic New Year’s resolutions are so 2010. Consider making 2011 a year to remember by reaching out to the unusual or the fantastic for ideas. A popular trend is to set out to do a particular thing every day?or week?for a year, and write about it. Here are a few adventures to get you started.

All Dressed Up

Nothing to wear today? No problem for this fashionista. Sick of the wastefulness of the constant buy-and-buy-more clothes shopping mentality, the New Yorker came up with her unique Uniform Project: she wore the same LBD for 365 days straight, accessorized with donated items. At the same time, she raised over $100,000 for underprivileged schoolchildren in India. The video montage of her outfit choices is simply inspirational (stills of the outfits can be found on her blog).

Just Lunch

It’s lunchtime at the school cafeteria?what’s on the menu? Hopefully not the ?typical? fare discovered by one school employee, who just wrapped up her mission to eat school lunches each school day of the year. This article/interview from is accompanied by several stomach-turning photos and a link to her blog, where her thoughts on eating and stories of her fellow (younger) cafeteria comrades are sure to satisfy.

Toy Story

Cue the scrolling words. It’s a time of unrest in the galaxy, and Stormtroopers are meeting the real world?with sometimes disastrous results. This man’s photo project of capturing his action figures in a series of bizarre backgrounds and story poses makes an intriguing and entertaining viewing. You can see the whole collection on his Flickr site.

Dinner and a Movie

Moviegoers may already be aware that Julie, heroine of the 2009 film Julie & Julia, spends a year cooking her way through Julia Childs? Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Inspired by the film?or in mockery of it, I’m not quite sure which?one blogger has taken on the unimaginable project of watching the film every day for a year. His commentary is as hilariously absurd as his quest.