Did You Know? – Field Study Opportunity

Interested in ethno-cultural studies or biodiversity? Appreciate humanitarian efforts? Enjoy travelling? How about experiencing all three?and earning university credit?

This May, AU students have the opportunity to participate in a ?unique field study opportunity? in Borneo. In addition to receiving field lectures, students will either ?participate in an ethno-ecological study with the Wehea Dayak? people while helping with ?community development projects,? or ?join a scientific team conducting the first comprehensive biodiversity study of the Wehea Forest.?

Participants can earn up to eight university credits for the field study.

The trip, which is sponsored by Ethical Expeditions, will cost US $5,500, which includes ?university credit, all meals, accommodation, internal travel and educational materials.? Airfare to Balikpapan, Indonesian Borneo, is the student’s responsibility, as are other travel-related expenses.

Applicants should be ?passionate about preserving biological and cultural diversity? and be ?interested in the complex issues facing the island of Borneo.? There is space for up to 12 students to join the study.

For more information, contact AU anthropology tutor Janelle Baker at janelleb@athabascau.ca or visit the Ethical Expeditions website.