From Where I Sit – That’s Just Not Nice

Roy and I left January 3 for a week in the sun at San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Our window of opportunity for a warm getaway was closing quickly because of his county responsibilities and a rapidly filling meeting schedule. For me, it was a case of now or never as my contract work on a visitors? guide was ramping up and a huge event coordination job was set to go into overdrive.

As we packed and made arrangements, I developed a cold sore. Okay, throw some tea tree oil into the suitcase. The day before we left, I woke up with a sticky, itchy eye. Off to emergency we go to find out I have an eye infection. Luckily there’s room in the aforementioned suitcase for a minute but very expensive bottle of eye drops. Instil three times a day for five days. The other one looks red, do that one too. Okie-dokie.

The flight was good. Actually, any flight that doesn’t require flotation devices, air masks, or searching for the black box is a good flight. Way to go, WestJet! It was our second trip to this particular resort, so we felt at home.
The weather, while cooler than the last time we were there two years ago, was still about 50 degrees warmer than what we left, so what’s not to like?

We noticed that our resort and the two neighbouring ones we visited seemed less busy than last time. It seems the global recession, lingering concern over the H1N1 panic that began in Mexico, and possibly the timing so soon after Christmas explained the smaller numbers. Shopkeepers confirmed that business had suffered over the past couple of years.

We did the Cabo highlights day excursion, rode the local bus to historic downtown San Jose several times, did some shopping, did some chillin?, did some reading. One afternoon I had a massage at the resort spaaaaah. I still can’t decide if I prefer a pina colada, a mai tai, a banana sexy, or a rosa maya. It’s painstaking scientific research, but someone had to do it! We visited the tequila museum in Cabo and did some tasting. Did you know the good stuff doesn’t taste like kerosene?

The food selection offered lots of authentic Mexican favourites, fresh fruit, fish, and seafood. Cabo is the marlin fishing capital of the world, after all. Our dinner at the Italian à la carte restaurant featured an octopus appetizer and seafood soup. Personally, I’m a little put-off by a shrimp looking back at me, but the broth was tasty. The entire meal was masterfully prepared and artfully plated. Tiramisu to die for.

News of a foot of snow at home sped up psychic re-entry into our real lives. From sandals to snow boots in mere hours just isn’t right.

Another good flight home except for the unknown tourist with the silent but deadly refried bean flatulence lasting most of the four-and-a-half-hour journey. I suspect my restless seatmate, who made umpteen trips to the loo. Now That’s just not nice, from where I sit.