From Where I Sit – He Shoots, He Scores

Because of our week-long Mexican getaway and our kids? two weeks in Palm Springs, we didn’t get to see our grandson Grady for more than three weeks. That is an eternity when the little someone is only 18 months old.

We feared he might forget Nana and Dido. But he didn’t. We expected that he would grow. And he did. We guessed his vocabulary would blossom. And it did.

What we didn’t know was that escaping Edmonton’s four-foot banks of snow and spending two weeks in the sun would turn our little boy into a Phil Mickelson wannabe. The kids rented a 3,000-square-foot house with a pool and grounds so that Grady wasn’t stuck in a hotel and could be a kid. They replaced his plastic golf clubs with a three-piece metal set, plus bag. Brand name? It’s a Snoopy set, no less. The driver is too long and is really heavy for this 32-inch-tall golfer, but It’s his favourite because of the distances he can get. Prying it out of his grip is cause for tears.

When Roy and I visited them after their return from holidays, we were blown away by Grady. He lines up the driver with a ball, he pauses, he looks up, he repositions his hands on the grip, and he swings. He has a backswing for heaven’s sake! And follow-through. I guess all the time spent watching golf with Dad and going to the Bob Hope Classic are paying off! Mom Carrie is now spending the better part of each day in the basement because of his obsession. He also insists on involving others??play Mom, play Nana, play Dido??so none of us are safe.

We all marvel at and applaud the shots. We laugh, silently congratulating ourselves on the genetic material we contributed. We can’t believe what a blessing this little guy is. Though it may not be that awesome the first time he makes a hole in the drywall or knocks the block off a playmate or hits Nana in the shins. Roy says Greg needs to install puck board all around their finished basement. Kidding.

Grady also has a pint-sized hockey net and takes slapshots into the net?with either a hockey stick or a golf club?and he’s surprisingly accurate. He pauses after each goal to throw his arms in the air and yell ?Sscore!? Greg is trying to teach him to fist pump after making a good golf shot. Since there are similarities between the two sports, some confusion exists, but over time Grady will learn the nuances of each game. Pausing before a golf shot is good, but in hockey you’d better one-time it. Oh, and I guess learning to skate and getting a puck will help reinforce the differences too.

Will he lose his conditioning with at least three more months of winter? When do the driving ranges open? What a joy to watch this child grow up, from where I sit.