Click of the Wrist – April Showers

With the spring weather come the spring rains, cleansing the world and making it new. And while the rain is much better than dirty, slushy snow, and we know that April showers bring May flowers, as the old saying goes, April showers bring something a little less welcome: mud. It’s hard to appreciate the season when our cars, boots, and ankles are spattered with the stuff. This week’s links offer some different ways of looking at the lowly muck.

Muddy Medium

Mud as an artist’s palette? It worked for Spanish photographer Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi. Gasteazi photographed a progressively mud-covered friend and worked with Photoshop to create a series symbolizing a man’s self-creation. The brilliant concept, according to design blog NewEvolution Designs, also ?express the struggles of an artist.?

A Mud Puddle Jumped on Me

Kids may love splashing in mud puddles, but the fun isn’t limited to the younger set. Camp Pendleton, in San Diego, California, hosts its ?world-famous? annual mud run each summer. The race course includes giant mud puddles, and everyone finishes dirty. The Los Angeles Times has photos and describes the race’s history.

Just Eat It

All that muck outdoors might seem anything but tasty?but mud in a different form makes one delightfully decadent dessert. Recipes for the classic southern treat Mississippi mud pie abound, but this one from Martha Stewart includes a how-to video that will get your mouth watering.