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For the past few years, those oddly-shaped compact fluorescent light bulbs (usually called CFLs) have been embraced by both serious and ?weekend? environmentalists (with the EU even announcing its plan to phase out incandescent bulbs by the end of 2011). And why not? After all, switching over to CFLs saves energy, sparing the planet and conserving resources for the future.

But, as The Voice reported last fall, the news isn’t all good. CFLs have been found to emit high levels of what researchers called ?dirty electricity,? a phenomenon linked to poor health and the exacerbation of pre-existing conditions.

Now new research from Germany suggests that CFLs may even be carcinogenic.

More studies are needed, but in the meantime researchers suggest avoiding using CFLs in ?unventilated areas? and ?in the proximity of the head.?

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