International News Desk – At Home: Easy Riding – Around the World: Older and Wiser

International News Desk – At Home: Easy Riding – Around the World: Older and Wiser

At Home: Easy Riding

As the federal election approaches, knowledge of current candidates, parties, and their platforms is a must. But frequently, the past is equally important?especially if you’ve got a thing for elections history. What percentage of the vote did your party get in your riding last election? How do voting patterns compare over the past decades?

Wading through online data can be time-consuming though, and one Canadian entrepreneur has created an app to allow iPhone users to get the results they want immediately.

As the CBC reports, Torontonian Colin Biggin recently developed the ?Canada Elections? app, available for iPhone and iPad, which includes ?all of Elections Canada’s data? for federal elections dating back to Confederation. The app will also ?be updated with 2011 election results? this spring.

A self-described ?election nerd,? Biggin told reporters that he was ?always looking up stuff on the Elections Canada website.? His personal interests spurred the project, a mammoth task that involved over 200 hours of work. Will it pay off? Perhaps, but, as Biggin told reporters, ?[Y]ou have to follow what You’re interested in.?

In the future, Biggin hopes to continue his work, creating similar apps for provincial elections and perhaps forging a partnership with Elections Canada.

Around the World: Older and Wiser

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, the saying goes. While That’s often used to cast doubt on the efficiency of older employees in modern workplaces, a recent study suggests that in terms of workplace productivity, age and experience are preferable to youth and adaptability.

As the Daily Mail reports, ?older staff are more productive than their younger colleagues,? even though physically they may not be as strong.

The study, which involved production line workers at a German Mercedez-Benz factory, suggests that It’s the experience?perhaps even wisdom?that allows older employees to work more efficiently and effectively. For example, they are better at teamwork and have greater ?success at coping when things go wrong.? They also tend to make fewer severe errors than more junior staff members.

Additionally, the ?younger, more highly educated workers were less productive than those who had fewer qualifications?perhaps because the educated workers got bored more easily.?

The results may spur a policy shift in companies previously subscribing to the notion ?that older workers should be made redundant to boost productivity.?