Did You Know? – Bilingual Chat

Learning a new language can be difficult, particularly if You’re in a distance learning setting or picking it up on your own. Even the best self-study programs lack the immersion aspect and the opportunity to casually converse in that language, thus practicing speaking and listening fluency.

Bilingual Chat, a brand new initiative, is a social network created to fulfill that need. Accounts are free, and users can join forums, log into open chat rooms, and make one-on-one connections for additional conversational practice. You can also use a basic e-translator or set up instant messaging or video chats.

Not learning a language, but interested in international cultures? Bilingual Chat also allows you to ?help others with their English, learn about foreign countries, and get some valuable travel advice.?

Whether You’re a student struggling through first-year German, a manager looking to upgrade her French skills, or a traveller seeking to learn the basics of Japanese language and culture, Bilingual Chat may help you further your linguistic goals.