Click of the Wrist – How Does Your Garden Grow?

Now that spring seems to have finally sprung, both experienced and newbie gardeners are pulling out trowels and rakes and stocking up on seeds and plants. Even if you hate vegetables, It’s hard not to get excited about the idea of little green plants poking up through the dark earth. This week’s links offer tips on planning and preparing your summer garden.

Frost Free

When is it safe to plant? That depends on your area?and how likely you are to have one last spring frost. This chart, from The Gardener’s Resource website, lists the last frost dates for Canadian cities.

An App for That

Gardening is all about getting close to nature. So how do new technology and the gardener’s world mix? Very well, according to Canadian Gardening magazine. Their top 10 smart phone apps for gardeners are sure to help you get in bloom.

Fertilize It

One person’s trash may be another’s treasure, but your own kitchen garbage may help you grow glorious plants. Intrigued? The Globe and Mail‘s guide to building a compost heap will get you started.

No Room

Live in an apartment or townhouse, or simply don’t want to deal with creating and maintaining a traditional garden? This video, from the University of Minnesota’s extension program, shows how you can grow vegetables and herbs on your deck or balcony. It also discusses why container gardening is important in terms of the local food movement.