NOTICE: Voice Holiday

It’s that time of year: school is winding down to its close, and the summer holidays are on the horizon. For many students, though, June marks not an ending but a beginning. This year’s graduates can look ahead with excitement to what the future will bring.

For The Voice, the summer will be an equally exciting time. we’re working with an increasing group of talented writers, and hope to bring even more diversity to the mix?something that can only add to the quality you’ve come to expect from The Voice. we’re also looking to make gradual changes to the magazine’s layout and delivery to keep up with the latest developments in technology and news sharing.

In preparation for a busy summer, we will be on holiday next week, May 30-June 5. we’ll be re-focusing, re-energizing, and getting ready for another great year.

But don’t go too far, because we’ll be back on Friday, June 10 with more of your favourite columns and topics. Meanwhile, keep sending in your comments, letters, and submissions. We always love hearing from our readers!