Click of the Wrist – Heroes

Superheroes are taking over Hollywood this summer. From box office hit Thor to X-Men: First Class, which opened last weekend, to the upcoming Green Lantern and Captain America, there’s high interest in comic book action heroes these days. And no wonder?the concept of superpowers is truly fascinating. The following links explore ?superhumanity? a little further.


So You’re no Superman. You can’t fly, you don’t wear a cape, and you definitely don’t have super strength. But you can gain a little more strength in your back by doing the ?half-Superman? exercise, which builds strength in your back ?from your upper back all the way to your glutes.? Who knows?maybe flying is next!

Wonder Woman

Some people take self-made superheroism all the way. One woman’s childhood dream of gaining superpowers turned into reality when she made a list of all the skills she’d need to develop?and then began acquiring the skills, putting them to use in her work as a bounty hunter. US radio show This American Life has her fascinating story.

Truth is Stranger

Superhuman powers may seem unlikely to most, but some people really do have extraordinary ?powers? that are reminiscent of those shared by comic book superheroes. This introduces seven real individuals with astonishing physical abilities.