Did You Know? – Career Plan: Self-Assessment

Whether You’re getting ready to take your first class or have recently graduated with a certificate or degree, chances are you’ve been giving a great deal of thought to career planning. AU Counselling Services? Self-Assessment page offers a number of online resources to point you in the right direction.

If You’re just starting out or are seeking a career or program change, the ?Mapping Your Future? assessment quiz will guide you toward fields that mesh well with your personality and values. Those who are mid-degree should also consider taking the quiz, as interests and values can change in the course of life.

New degree or certificate students will want to check out the ?Am I ready for studies in . . .? quiz, which flags ?strengths and weaknesses in English, Math, Chemistry, and Computing Science.? At the end of the quiz, you can browse a list of remedial courses designed to bring students up to speed in several areas.

The page includes additional assessment and career planning tools, including downloadable career planning forms. It’s a good place from which to jump-start your career and educational journey.