AUSU Update – July 29, 2011


On Friday, July 15, AUSU was officially accepted into membership by the Alberta Students? Executive Council. ASEC is a provincial lobby group that now represents students from fourteen post-secondary institutes across Alberta, including schools from five of the six categories described in Alberta’s Post-Secondary Learning Act. ASEC is focused on advocating on behalf of all post-secondary students at Alberta institutions, recognizing that each school has a unique student population and there is no such thing as a ?normal? student. ASEC has recently been incredibly successful in their efforts with government and media, having been the driving force behind the newly-launched Serving Communities Internship Program, which provides students with the opportunity to pay for their education through volunteer work. AUSU is incredibly excited to work with ASEC! For more information on ASEC, visit the web page.

Meetings with CUPE 3911

CUPE 3911 is the union that represents our AU tutors, and for a very long time AUSU sought to meet with representatives from this union to discuss how we can work together to improve students? experiences at AU. A few months ago, we were delighted to have the opportunity to meet with members from the CUPE Executive, who expressed great support for students. Our AUSU Executive will now be meeting with CUPE on a quarterly basis to keep communication channels open and discuss our mutual concerns.

Relationship with AUGSA

AUSU is excited to see the growth and development that has happened in the AU Graduate Students’ Association recently, and has also met with AUGSA to talk about how we can join forces to advocate on behalf of all AU students. AUSU will be meeting with AUGSA on a bimonthly basis from now on, with the two unions? presidents meeting on a monthly basis.

SmartDraw License Renewed

Did you know that as an AU student and AUSU member, you can get free software? SmartDraw is a design program that can allow you to create detailed charts and graphics. These can then be inserted into Word or PDF files or exported as JPG images so you can submit them to your tutor with your assignments! Contact our office to find out how YOU can download this program for free, and then let us know if It’s useful to you! This is a program that AUSU has offered for a few years, but we have been informed that the price will be increasing drastically in the years to come. So check it out and let us know if It’s a service you’d like to see continued, or if you’d rather we investigate other options.

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