Click of the Wrist – Simplify, Simplify

We all wish life would be a little less complicated. And while we can’t control everything, simplifying as many aspects of our lives as possible does help lighten our journey. This week is National Simplify Your Life Week, which means It’s the perfect time to make that first step toward more peaceful living. Click through these links for some ideas on where, what, and how to simplify!

Find Your Score

We all want to simplify, in theory. But for some It’s not a luxury, It’s a necessity. This quiz, adapted from Marian Van Eyk McCain’s The Lilypad List, provides an eye-opening peek into to how badly your body and spirit need you to slow down.

Simple Living Manifesto

Inspirational blogger and writer Leo Babauta’s advice is to the point: ?Identify what’s most important to you . . . Eliminate everything else.? In this article, he elaborates with 72 ideas or steps to help you simplify things in both small and large areas of your life. If nothing else, It’s a great attitude check!

Simpler Finances

Money complicates everything. Here, Man vs. Debt blogger Adam Baker offers suggestions for simplifying finances?and for simplifying the way you look at finances. His motivation: simplifying your life, including the money aspects, leaves more time, energy, and resources for things You’re passionate about. The rest of his blog has interesting insights, too.