Click of the Wrist – Oh Hungry?

Harvest season is approaching, but right now many adventurous food-lovers aren’t thinking about the earth’s bounty. That’s because It’s also fair time, which means the chance to sample some of the most bizarre concoctions dreamed up by cooks with a vat of oil and contempt for the arteries. One of this summer’s big hits has been deep-fried Kool-Aid (yes, the drink). Intrigued? Disturbed? Check out this week’s links for more extraordinary food experiences.

Food Exhibition

Ever wanted to sample all of the artery-clogging offerings at your local fair?or at the CNE? This blogger recounts?with pictures?his forays into fried cherry aid, fried mac and cheese, and a Krispy Kreme burger.

A Peck of Dirt

The research is mixed on whether or not accidentally consuming dirt is healthy?but there’s nothing but looks holding you back from one trend in haute cuisine, edible dirt. Time magazine explains.

Sushi Bar

In the sushi world, presentation matters. But one chef takes it to new limits: she serves it on the (mostly) naked body of a woman. From Vanity Fair, one writer’s experiences of an evening spent as a naked sushi model.

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