Click of the Wrist – Pass the Veggies

October is World Vegetarian Awareness Month. Even if You’re craving turkey and gravy this weekend, consider implementing a few vegetarian dishes into your Thanksgiving menu?or into your meal plan over the course of the month. Vegetarian fare isn’t bland and tasteless; in fact, a large percentage of the world’s population eats primarily meatless meals, and many of these are bursting with flavour. Add in new interpretations of old stand-bys and international favourites, and you have a menu worthy of any feast. Click through the links for some inspiration!

Meatless Mondays

The Meatless Monday campaign advocates awareness of healthier and more sustainable eating by encouraging the public to pledge to keep just one weekday vegetarian-friendly. The website contains some recipes, but even more resources (including materials for schools and organizations).

Vegan MoFo

Vegan Month of Food?Vegan MoFo for short?is a phenomenon that began online and spread to the community. Food bloggers commit to posting a vegan recipe every day during the month of October. The main site highlights different categories of food each day. For example, one day bloggers whodunnits’d posted comfort food recipes were featured. With over 800 bloggers participating, Vegan MoFo is a goldmine of menu ideas.

The Lighter Side

Surprisingly, some vegetarian and vegan recipes come loaded with fat and salt. The Fatfree Vegan Kitchen blog?one of my personal favourites?is full of delicious recipes as well as product and cookbook reviews. Subscribe to her feed or search the archives for recipes?not to mention ways to up the health factor of your vegan table!

Waste Not

You’re all excited about cooking more vegetables?so how to keep produce fresh until You’re ready to use it? This article, from Vegetarian Times magazine, has some suggestions and handy charts.

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