Did You Know? – Open Access Week

As more and more students reject traditional learning models, a more open-minded approach to educational delivery is becoming popular. In recognition of the need for universal access to educational materials, Open Access Week was born. The event, which provides presentations, activities, and resources, is dedicated to ?promoting Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research.?

The 4th annual Open Access Week is coming up October 24-30, 2011. Events include seminars, workshops, conferences, addresses, and discussions, and are hosted by universities and organizations across the globe. Many of the events are available via online delivery.

Athabasca University will be hosting five of the week’s events; topics range from challenges arising from social learning platforms to creating cohesive learning from fractured media to the sustainability of OER. For more information on these presentations, which will be webcast, visit AU’s Open Access page. The page is also a goldmine of open access-related activities and resources.

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