Click of the Wrist – Monstrous Romance

Halloween-inspired horror: It’s an encompassing genre that seems more about blood, guts, and all-out fear than sweet romance and warm fuzzies. Yet there are surprising connections between both worlds. From old black and white horror flicks to the animal kingdom to modern marriage, these links explore the coupling of romance and horror.

I Now Pronounce You Undead

Toronto’s annual Zombie Walk is all about the unhappily ever after?except for one couple, whose marriage just before last weekend’s event was ?the city’s first-ever public zombie wedding.? The bride, in full skeleton makeup, was carried in a coffin to greet her werewolf-attired groom, and the vows were a part comical, part serious, and part gruesome mix of romantic and undead ideals.

Caught in a Web

It’s widely known that in a number of spider species, the females kill their male ?lovers? after mating. But not all the males are so smitten that they’re keen to die for love. As recently discovered, the male golden orb-weaver spider will sometimes relax the female and make her more receptive and less aggressive?by giving her a back massage before mating. National Geographic‘s Daily News site has the video.

Beyond Popcorn

Some might argue that a good horror film is a great date movie?plenty of need for cuddling during the scariest parts. But in case the connection’s not close enough to convince you, check out Scars Magazine‘s list of best romantic horror movies. There are more suggestions here, and of course you can’t forget about the doomed romance elements in silent horror classics like Nosferatu (1922) and Phantom of the Opera (1925). Or, if animated, milder fare is more your style, check out the more recent films The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) and The Corpse Bride (2005).

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