Click of the Wrist – The Write Type

Got something to say? The words themselves aren’t the only things that matter in getting your message across. As Marshall McLuhan’s famous line goes, ?The medium is the message??and if You’re using a medium involving typeface, the font you choose becomes part of that message too. Confused? Click through these links for an idea of how much thought goes into the lettering your eyes glance over each day.

Sorting It All Out

Confused about leading, kerning, points, and the like? Video blogger Karen Kavett takes on typography in this quick but informative clip. Click through to her YouTube channel for more typography-related videos (including part 2 of this lesson!).

Digging Deeper

If You’re still curious about type, fonts, lettering, and layout?or want to learn to use them most effectively in your ads or presentations?poke through this fascinating blog. It’s an online companion to the book Thinking with Type, and will change the way you look at a page.


Dyslexic readers often have difficulty with traditional fonts; their brains flip around similar letters, causing them to misread text. One dyslexic Dutch student decided to do something about it: he created a new typeface font specialized to counteract the way a dyslexic readers’s brain works. This Toronto Star interview includes a video that explains how a ?typical? font was adjusted to make it more readable.

The Lighter Side

What do the fonts you use really say about you? applies its own special brand of irreverent humour to typography. The piece gets a bit more serious with its ?fonting guidelines? further down.

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