Did You Know? – Visual Thesaurus

If vocabulary and word issues have you in a creative rut, consider checking out the online Visual Thesaurus. The innovative site doesn’t simply list synonyms, but instead creates colour-coded word maps with synonyms, antonyms, and slight variations in meaning laid out spatially in an ?intuitive interface.?

In conjunction with the visual thesaurus-dictionary, Visual Thesaurus also offers many resources for students and writers?including cross-linked, interactive vocabulary lists for popular books, typical English class reading list requirements, and even standard tests like the GRE.

The Visual Thesaurus is a subscribers-only service (cost: $19.99/year or 2.99/month USD), but you can try it free for 14 days. Subscribers have unlimited access to the thesaurus-dictionary and all other resources, including the online magazine about language, creativity, and education and the VocabGrabber, which helps you discover context for new words. For more information, or to take a test run, visit the site.