International News Desk – At Home: Fire of Love – Around the World: Pricy Puppy Chow

International News Desk – At Home: Fire of Love – Around the World: Pricy Puppy Chow

At Home: Fire of Love

Disaster can strike anywhere, anytime. And although wedding nightmares are common on sitcoms and soaps, they became a reality for one Nova Scotia couple when their wedding venue caught on fire. However, the pair had spent months preparing for their special day–and they weren’t about to let their plans go up in flames.

As The Toronto Star reports, the couple–now Michael and Nancy Rogers–had less than an hour to go before their wedding ceremony when they were “informed . . . that the main lodge where [they] were supposed to be getting married was on fire.”

But they still wanted to go through with the wedding. “We decided that the most important thing was that we wanted to get married,” Nancy told reporters. Accommodating staff from the resort set up chairs in another building and arranged for the last-minute ceremony.

Michael and Nancy were married despite the smoke and sirens in the distance, as more than 10 fire departments battled the blaze. Later the resort staff helped the couple stage an alternate reception “at a local inn.”

“They now have their own special memory,” resort manager Danny Morton told reporters.

Around the World: Pricy Puppy Chow

For a while, pet pampering was all the rage among wealthy trendsetters. Pet massages, upscale salons for poodle ‘dos, and sophisticated treateries catered to the needs of the high-strung pets of the celebrity world. But it’s not just the pets of Hollywood that crave the royal treatment–as one Florida couple recently found out.

As MSNBC reports, the Lawrensons were saving cash to pay off a car loan. But before heading to the bank, they left a wad of money on the counter, paper-clipped and inside an envelope.

While they were out, their dog helped himself to the cash–and devoured $1,000 worth, “leaving shards of $100 bills strewn across the floor.”

The dog even ate the paper clip.

The couple induced vomiting and was able to “[dig] through [the] vomit” and “[piece] $900 back together.” The remaining $100 bill was too unidentifiable to be salvaged, but the rest were sent “to the Department of Treasury with a letter of explanation.”