Click of the Wrist – Toy Story

LeapPads, singing dolls, and Lego Star Wars sets: these are just a few of this year’s top toys. How do they stack up against the most popular choices of the past? Click through this week’s links for the scoop on some other top toys.

Simple Success

Sure, ?simple toys? usually refers to traditional wooden toys without lots of colour, plastic, or distracting sounds and lights. But when offered a gift, whether simple or complex, what child won’t first play with the box? This article spotlights the five top playthings that are part of a complete childhood. Here’s a hint: they don’t come in a plastic package!

Century Mark

What toys were popular 100 years ago? Many of the top picks of the 1910s were building and construction-related: TinkerToys, Lincoln Logs, and Erector Sets, for example. The Classic Toy Museum has online ?exhibits? featuring trivia about these toys and other classics from your own childhood?or even your grandparents?!

Top of the Lot

The theme of ?top toys? wouldn’t be complete, of course, without a nod to the top?one of the world’s oldest known playthings. This article outlines its history, including archaeological findings, types and variations, cultural tie-ins, and literary references. Who knew the humble top could be so fascinating!

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