Click of the Wrist – Must Be Santa

Lately there’s been a lot of Santa Claus-related controversy. From concerns over safety to taking on the economic downturn, the man in the red suit doesn’t seem quite so jolly this year. Get back in the spirit of the season with these links:

Santa Tracker

Sure, NORAD is busy with airspace control and defense issues. But every December 24, something else crosses their radar: Santa Claus himself! Visit their site to track Santa’s flight across the globe, watch videos of him passing through various international cities, and even follow his progress with Google Earth or on your smart phone.

After Hours

Santa may be hundreds of years old, but the man certainly doesn’t let age slow him down. This unique collection of red-suited Santas skiing, singing, skydiving, worshipping, and even protesting is sure to get you thinking about our world family this season.

Video Call

No need to wait hours in line to speak with Santa; the Portable North Pole helps users create customized video messages from the big man himself. The nicest thing on the list? It’s free!


Even if you can’t catch him on Christmas Eve, you can still prove the existence of Santa with this neat tool. Upload photos of your living room, and Santa will be digitally inserted so that you can wow the too-old-to-be-believers in your family. (Note: there is a cost for this service.)

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