From Where I Sit – Of No Concern

Is there anything quite so lovely as packing for a getaway? Such is my thought as I plan for an extended weekend with my husband, two kids, daughter-in-law, and sweet grandson Grady. We will be heading to what they call a cabin on the shores of Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta’s biggest body of water. In my opinion, ?cabin? is a misnomer. It’s a two-storey place with vaulted ceilings, a gas fireplace, a big screen TV, and more square footage (and amenities) than our real house. Plus a garage with sleeping loft and more recreational toys than you can count?so we’re not slumming by any means.

Back to the packing. Sure, it takes some foresight and a list or two?but in my experience, the anticipation is half the fun. Packing for both planned and spontaneous activities is an exercise in imagination and creativity. No one will be ice fishing, because the ice isn’t thick enough. There may be some handyman stuff happening in the garage. Quad rides and trips to the playground are on the agenda for sure.

I’m expecting a relaxing time of eating, sleeping, playing with Grady, watching movies, playing board games or cards, and just vegging out. With a toddler on the premises there will no sleeping in, so naps for all may be in order.

And we will talk. We will dream about our next family trip: Palm Springs in February. All of us women are near giddy thinking about the shopping there, with the two excellent outlet malls that will be nearby. We will wonder whether we’ll get the tickets we requested to a taping of the Ellen show. Again, It’s the anticipation.

I can’t decide whether I should take my laptop. Will I use it? Should I use it? I suspect there will be two others there, so if I’m overcome by the urge to be productive I can commandeer someone else’s machine. We will all need our iPhones to play the highly addictive Words with Friends. I’m also taking my e-reader?It’s so easy and portable?and one print reference book I’m reading. Wouldn’t it be a crying shame, though, if we drove that distance to all keep our noses glued to individual pieces of technology? That could force me to suggest a game of charades!

In the boonies, will we need hair products and a flatiron? Makeup? Jewellery? Anything snazzier than jeans? A stop in Slave Lake for groceries might be our only brush with the bright lights.

I know I won’t need an alarm clock, because there is no schedule to keep. Perhaps Roy will take his own special pillow.

In the midst of packing, I got word that some people will need to get back earlier on Monday. It now appears that we will go with two vehicles. Space won’t be as scarce, but the camaraderie of a family car trip is gone and the cost of fuel doubles.

Still, I’m so glad to be going that little hiccups are of no concern, from where I sit.

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