Green Light – Dreaming of a Green Christmas

We hear a lot about having a ?greener? Christmas, but It’s hard to work our eco-consciousness into the crazy melee of schedules, parties, shopping, baking, and expectations that characterize the holiday season. Here are two super-simple fixes to make the season a little brighter for the planet:

It’s a wrap: Get creative with your wrapping job! Cute tea towels, reusable grocery bags, or a pretty scarf make gifts look unique and attractive?and there’s no wasted paper. A little goes a long way: according to the Sierra Club, if ?every family wrapped just three gifts this way, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.?

Down came the tree: It’s a little early to be thinking about putting away the holiday decor, but if You’re using a real Christmas tree this year, be sure you know when and where it can be recycled. Check out Earth 911 to find a participating program near you. Nothing nearby? Home Depot has some suggestions for giving your old tree new life as a landscaping tool.