Click of the Wrist – Come Fly with Me

Travelling over the holidays? Whether you’ll be spending a week snuggling up at a ski lodge or sunning on the beach, chances are You’re dreading the crazy nightmare of air travel during the busiest season. Check out these links for tips for a smoother flight?or for entertainment should you experience an unwelcome delay.

Smooth Sailing

For help in avoiding the holiday hassle, read these 10 travel tips from You might save time and money?and a few headaches, too!

Stay Calm

There’s a lot about air travel that can put even the most zen person out of sorts. These suggestions give antsy travellers a reality check (and a reminder that we bring a lot of the stress of flying with us to the airport!).

Yogi Traveller

Yoga can help you keep your cool at the airport?and stay comfortable in the notoriously stiff seats once You’re on board. The free mini-version of Airplane Yoga includes a couple poses, or you can upgrade to a more detailed version in PDF, Kindle, and more formats (one even includes audio instructions).

Awesome Airports

Are you travelling to any of these airports this holiday? National Geographic Traveler gives its picks for the best and the coolest of waiting area amenities.

Sea to Sky

Instead of relaxing in a uniquely constructed airport, maybe you’ll be connecting in some tiny place with zero amenities. Rather than playing yet another round of Angry Birds, pass the time by checking out these extreme airports?places where the runway meets nature, and the latter’s the clear winner.