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Re: ?Sound Off: AU’s Coat of Arms and Crest? by Maxie van Roye, v19 i42 (2011-11-04)

Although I concur that the coat of arms incorporates a lot of localized symbols into the design, let’s take a look at this from the other side of the coin: maybe It’s an attempt to finally begin to generate ?a sense of place.?

Like the article in The Voice, I too have long felt that I’m not taking a degree at AU, I’m taking it from AU. Maybe this can change?

A coat of arms such as this also gives an impression (or is that an illusion) of age, suggesting perhaps that AU has matured as an entity, and now fits in on equal footing with traditional Bricks and Mortar institutions . . .

John Palmer

I love that we finally HAVE a crest, and I love that It’s going to go on parchments in the near future . . . I have, however, seen the university using just the shield with the ?Learning for Life? banner underneath, and THAT looks very sharp. It gives a sense of history akin to that of a ?traditional? university, but the motto sets it apart and still embraces mature learners through lifelong learning. I look forward to seeing how the university is able to use it in [the] future.

Bethany Tynes