Best of The Voice 2012

Happy New Year!

Are you ready for 2012? It’s a big year for The Voice Magazine: 2012 marks our 20-year anniversary, and we’ll be celebrating all year with special content reflecting the past two decades of history that have made The Voice what it is today.

And what better way to start off our look at the past than with our annual Best of The Voice issue? It’s an opportunity to highlight some of the best writing from 2011?and give a sampling of the wide mix of articles, stories, features, and styles you’ll find in any given issue.

Students struggling to balance work, family, and studies often appreciate the ideas, tips, and trends covered in our ?Study Space? feature. We’ve reprinted one piece that questions the notion of keeping ourselves distraction-free. Try it!

Balance in life is important regardless of your student status. We often feature pieces that challenge readers to think about life choices in a new light. With Valentine’s Day coming up, be sure to reread the editorial ?Possessive? for a unique perspective on materialism.

If fiction’s your thing, check out the chilling ?The Dare,? written by AU student Max Birkner. We feature several short stories a year, and are always looking to discover new writers and new styles. Send us your work!

If You’re keen on writing in general, S.D. Livingston often discusses trends and pitfalls in the self-publishing business. Her ?So You Think You Can Publish?? gives a dose of reality?and some good advice.

Voice readers can also look forward to regular contributions from our dedicated columnists. Enjoy discovering aesthetically pleasing?and socially relevant?books, music, and film? You’ll want to check out The Mindful Bard’s regular reviews, written by Wanda Waterman. A highlight of 2011 occurred when several Bard picks aligned together in a heartwarming story that we’ve reprinted in this issue.

For general musings on life, family, and career, many readers anticipate Hazel Anaka’s long-running column, ?From Where I Sit.? In this issue, she shares some of the joys and pains of waiting for harvest to start.

Naturopathic doctor Katie D?Souza covers health issues and trends in the natural health industry in her ?Health Matters? column. Here, we’ve reprinted her tips for ensuring a better night’s sleep. How healthy is your sleep hygiene?

And for a unique perspective on the world of words, S.D. Livingston’s column ?Write Stuff? tackles everything from self-publishing to e-book trends to censorship. One of the column’s highlights last year was a warning look at new trends in information storage. Technology isn’t always better!

Each week you’ll see other features, including first-person accounts by students, interviews, course reviews, and more. And don’t forget some of our other fan favourites, including the socially relevant commentary in the ?Chronicles of Cruiscin Lan? comic. We also publish in-depth reviews of both popular and lesser-known books and film; in the light of all the end-of-the-world hype this year, be sure to look at Karl Low’s review of Dystopia.

Finally, each week you’ll find news bites, trivia, and a regular ?Did You Know? segment that highlights websites and services of special interest to students. There’s something for everyone in The Voice Magazine.

From its beginnings as a quarterly print newspaper to the current weekly online format to future changes that we hope to unveil this year, The Voice has a unique history?and an exciting future.

Come join us on the ride!