Click of the Wrist – Leggo My LEGO

One of the top holiday gifts this year was LEGO sets?and whether the recipient was a child or adult, chances are that You’re still finding tiny bricks in corners and under sofas and behind the drapes. To ease the LEGO-induced frustration, this week’s links look at the history of the popular toy, and give a glimpse of some of the amazing artwork created with the bricks.

Go Girly

LEGO’s recent decision to roll out a line of ?girly? LEGO sets?with pink and purple bricks, caf├ęs, and tree houses?unleashed a storm of controversy. Read about it at Self magazine.

If You Build It

Some of the best things in life happen when you work outside the box, and this takes on a literal meaning when LEGO brick sets are turned into art. These LEGO sculptures, far and beyond most sets you’ll see in the toy aisles, are fantastic. Scroll down to the article’s comments to see reader contributions as well.

In the Beginning

Did you know that LEGO bricks originated in Denmark but were based on a British prototype of interlocking bricks? That LEGO originally were known as ?Automatic Binding Bricks?? That their plastic construction made them initially unpopular? Details are in the brief but informative mental_floss history of LEGO.

Modern Times

In case you missed it, enjoy LEGO recreations of 2011’s biggest news stories.

Brick Testament

The Brick Testament?a LEGO retelling of the Bible?is an amazing piece of work. (Note: It’s not all kid-friendly).