Did You Know? – Librivox

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what about the spoken word? Sometimes, it can be of priceless value?especially when experiencing literary works. If you love audiobooks, have vision issues, or just want to experience literature from a different perspective, be sure to check out the fantastic resources offered by LibriVox, an ?acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.?

LibriVox is a non-profit, volunteer-staffed project with an ambitious goal: its founders desire ?[to] make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet.? Their ever-expanding catalogue includes literary works from Beowulf to Sinclair Lewis, and It’s not limited to English-language works; Kafka’s Metamorphosis is available in its original German, for example.

To listen to a work, you can freely download the files onto your computer or subscribe through iTunes. On the go? Audio files can also be downloaded to your smart phone, and there are unaffiliated iPhone and Android apps which streamline the process. LibriVox’s podcasts are currently highlighting some of the options available.