20 Years of News and Views

we’re continuing our celebration of two decades of Voice history with an in-depth look at our very first issue. Called The Paper, it was published in the spring of 1993. Last week we learned some general trivia about the premiere issue. Now we’ll dip into the pages to see what news and views were important to Voice readers and writers 20 years ago:

? Council news: Early in its history The Voice was produced by an editorial committee of AUSA/AUSU councillors, so it had a strong focus on the doings of Council. The first issue updated constituents on the recent election of a new executive board.

? Around AU: Student issues remained another staple. For example, an interview with an AU Library librarian discussed new developments at the Library. Check it out–and compare it with today’s Library services to see how much has changed!

? Further afield: Twenty years ago, AU students were just as interested in world issues as they are today. Read The Paper’s article, written by an AU tutor, on gender discrimination and the law. Do you think things have changed in the past few decades? Email us at voice@voicemagazine.org and let us know your opinion!