Click of the Wrist – Super Bowl Sunday

Whether you like football or just enjoy an excuse to eat junk food, chances are that Sunday will see you tuning into the Super Bowl game at least once. But after a couple hours of off-and-on play, boredom might set in. Try clicking through this week’s links for some football entertainment?and education.

Name of the Game

In North America, we call it football. In Europe, football is what we call soccer. And where does rugby fit into all this? This Slate article on the history of football, soccer, and other similar sports clarifies the confusion.

From End to End

If commentators throwing about terms like ?fourth down? and ?illegal pass? confuse you, read through the NFL’s Beginner’s Guide to Football. It’s a crash course for the complete newbie and explains enough for you to figure out just what’s going on during the big game.

Thirty Seconds

Who needs the game? For many watchers, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials?and businesses pour millions of dollars into crafting what they hope will be a memorable spot. This fascinating site takes you back through almost 50 years of Super Bowl commercials.

Worth the Money

It’s no secret that placing a commercial during the Super Bowl game can cost millions?for just one airing. Is it worth the cost? According to this Purdue University study, maybe not.

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