Click of the Wrist – Red and White

It’s mid-February, so It’s all about the red and white. Valentine’s Day? No, actually?a lesser-known statutory holiday is Canada’s Flag Day, celebrated every February 15. This week’s links are a guide to everything you ever wanted to know about the flag of Canada.

How to Deal

What are the dos and don’ts of flag use and flying? The government’s guidelines are a quick and easy reference. (For a more detailed explanation, read this document.)

Six Flags over Canada

Sure, we all know the maple leaf. But did you know that over Canada’s history there have been five other flags officially flown? Canadian Heritage has the history. Be sure to check out the photos?you may recognize elements of some of these historical flags in modern-day provincial flags.

Red and White and Maple

Even before Canada became a nation, the maple leaf had been proposed as its emblem. Ever wonder why? Canadian Heritage describes the history (and explains the flag’s colours).

Maple Leaf Forever

One song which greatly popularized the concept of the maple leaf as a Canadian symbol was Alexander Muir’s ?The Maple Leaf Forever,? which for many years was seen as a sort of unofficial national anthem (its pro-British sentiment made it unadoptable as an official anthem).