International News Desk – At Home: Ball Game – Around the World: Out of Line

International News Desk – At Home: Ball Game – Around the World: Out of Line

At Home: Ball Game

Few things say community like thousands of people throwing bouncy red dodge balls at one another. And the happiness quotient is raised still more when the game breaks international records!

As the Toronto Sun reports, the University of Alberta recently reclaimed its dominance at dodge ball when it set a new Guinness record for the largest game.

The hour-long game, which involved 4,979 players and ?more than 1,250 spongy red balls,? was attended by a Guinness World Record adjudicator. He told reporters that the event was ?tremendous to watch, really good fun.?

Previously, the university had also set participation records for the game (in 2010 and 2010).

But even better than setting records, the event let players score high levels of camaraderie. As Dean of Students Frank Robinson told reporters, ?The whole thing is not necessarily about breaking a record, It’s about getting people out there, to blow off steam and have some fun.?

For more photos?including an aerial view!?check out’s coverage.

Around the World: Out of Line

Of all modern-day social offenses, few rank as high as butting in line ahead of someone who’s already been waiting. While evil looks and snarky comments are usually the only deterrent to would-be line-butters, sometimes things get a little more drastic, as one US woman discovered to her regret.

As ABC News reports, one line-butter was tasered after her social gaffe spiralled out of control.

The 37-year-old mom cut into line at a McDonalds’s drive-thru in North Carolina. Staff refused to provide her service?and she refused to move, ?[blocking] the drive-thru for 20 minutes before police arrived on the scene.?

A Sheriff’s Office representative told reporters that the woman was ?defiant,? ?[threatened] the deputies,? and ?would not get off McDonalds property.?

She was tasered, arrested, and ?charged with second-degree trespassing.?