Click of the Wrist – 21-2-12

You’re probably aware that Tuesday is Mardi Gras?a fabulous festival. But you may not have realized that the 21st marks a lesser-known, but equally fascinating event: 21-2-12 is a palindrome date. For English lovers, word nerds, and anyone else fascinated by the world of palindromes, these links are for you. Let the good times roll!

Sentence Structure

Most of us have heard of ?A man, a plan, a canal?Panama.? But there are plenty more palindrome sentences out there. Click here for some of the best human-generated gems, courtesy of Palindromist magazine. Another list is here.


Curious to try your hand at palindrome writing? This simple online tool will help you locate words and phrases with the combinations you need to get your sentence going right. There’s also a palindrome tester to confirm what you’ve written.

Sing Out

Leave it to Weird Al Yankovic to come up with a ridiculous and hilarious song whose lyrics use all-palindrome words, phrases, and sentences.

A Draw

If You’re more of a visual person, you’ll want to check out Dutch artist Hans Kuiper’s mesmerizing graphic representations of popular palindrome sentences and phrases. You’ll never look at palindromes the same way.