International News Desk – At Home: Ray Vision – Around the World: Breaking, Entering, and Housekeeping

International News Desk – At Home: Ray Vision – Around the World: Breaking, Entering, and Housekeeping

At Home: Ray Vision

Checking information on your smart phone is so 2011. As technology moves ever smaller, devices seen mostly in futuristic film and television may become the norm. One Vancouver-based company has developed a new eye display that could change the way we look at data?literally.

As The Globe and Mail reports, Recon Instruments is refining and revising its ?display that [fits] inside a pair of alpine goggles.? The device would [give] skiers and snowboarders a way to see a readout of their speed, altitude and the like right in their goggles,? freeing up their hands for better concentration on their sport.

Although the LCD on the device is tiny?less than half an inch across?it projects its display ?on what appears to be a 14-inch screen at a distance of about five feet.? Users can look up, rather than down, for readouts on ?data like jump height, temperature and GPS location.?

Recon sees other applications outside the ski slope; increased miniaturization means that someday ?this technology could soon be as simple as slipping on a pair of shades ? or even contact lenses.? In the future, the company plans to investigate similar ?sunglass displays . . . for running and other endurance sports.?

Around the World: Breaking, Entering, and Housekeeping

A break-in is usually a violent event. Windows are smashed, rooms are ransacked, and items of value are taken. For one housebreaker, however, entering another’s home illegally provided quite a different opportunity.

As reports, a 46-year-old Indiana man allegedly broke into ?a neighbor’s apartment and [proceeded] to cook a meal, fold laundry and do some vacuuming.?

The resident, Ashley Murray, returned home to discover the lights on in her apartment. She assumed the guest was her brother, whom she had expected and for whom she had left a set of keys.

The unexpected houseguest appeared to have obtained the keys instead.

When the police arrived, he insisted that ?he was in his own home,? but was arrested on charges of breaking and entering. Murray is ?concerned Davis might return,? but She’s not angry at him over the affair, telling reporters that ?He drunk up my orange juice, but It’s cool because he swept up my floor and folded my clothes.?

The prosecution has asked that the housebreaker be given a psychological evaluation.

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