Click of the Wrist – March Winds

Last week we started exploring those March winds that will hopefully turn into May flowers later this year. But what else do winds bring? Click through these links and you may find some surprises.

Good Health

Although windy days are often blamed for aggravating asthma and lowering our immunity, some winds may be beneficial to those suffering chronic pain. In fact, a recent study suggested that during Chinook winds, which occur only in southern Alberta and one area of Turkey, pain levels drop significantly.

Bad Air Day

Not everything brought by the winds is something to smile about. This 2011 Discover Magazine article discusses how environmental toxins which are illegal in North America but used in countries like China are brought by world wind patterns to this continent.

From the Sun

It may not be wind in the traditional sense, but solar wind is a powerful force in the universe and can impact the earth significantly. Aurora borealis are one pleasant effect, but mass power outages and disruption of communications are also caused by solar wind. This simple but informative video explains how and why solar wind can be so dangerous.