Click of the Wrist – Colour My World

This weekend, It’s all about the wearing of the green. But the colour’s not limited to green rivers, green clothes, or even the verdant valleys of Ireland. Check out these links for some new ways to think about green?whether on St. Patty’s Day or not.

Pink Is Not a Colour

According to this YouTube clip from the ?Minute Physics? series, pink is not only not a colour, it should be called ?minus green? due to the nature of the colour spectrum of light. For more on the anti-pink controversy, check out this CBC article.

Of Eggs and Ham and Words

The Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham has been loved, read, deconstructed, and interpreted?but do you know the story behind it? This fascinating article describes the bet between Seuss and his editor, one that gave rise to a clever tale.

Playing with Fire

With just two household chemicals, you can create an impressive green fire in your backyard. Be sure to follow the safety precautions when You’re performing this experiment!